Rutilated Quartz wire framed pendant


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This is a beautiful one of a kind wire framed rutilated quartz gemstone pendant from Sand This is a beautiful wire framed gemstone pendant from Sand N Stones in Lewes, Delaware is designed and handcrafted by wire wrap artisan Michele Buckler. 

About: Rutilated quartz gemstones is a combination of clear or smoky quartz have a Moh hardness of about a 7, with inclusions of rutile titanium oxide mineral with a Moh hardness of 6 to 6.5 out of 10. This wire framed pendant is clear, with black rutile inclusions that usually looks like fine metallic hairs. or needles. Most rutilated quartz found on the market today comes from Brazil or Madagascar. 

The wire framed jewelry: This pendant is about 4 cm long and about 1 3/4 cm wide at the widest point and wire wrapped in gold and silver. Chains are sold separately, and are not included with the pendant. This is a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of wire framed jewelry you will be proud to own. 

Care: Wash with warm soapy water, avoid harsh detergents, never clean ultrasonically, and never steam clean. Each piece of jewelry that you buy from Sand N Stones has an anti-tarnish strip tab that helps prolong the protection against tarnishing for up to 6 months. The tabs will not leave a deposit on the jewelry and are non-toxic and not abrasive. When the strip changes color it is time to replace. 

The wire wrap: Each pendant, pin, earrings, and rings are wire wrapped in 935 Argentium sterling silver  ( germanium is mixed with the silver to prolong the tarnishing factor) and twisted 14 k gold-filled wire. This is NOT gold plated. Gold filled is about 100 times thicker than gold plated and has been used for many years in the manufacture of jewelry. The gold will not wear off; always look like a pure 14K gold piece. For those who may be sensitive to nickel, pink and yellow gold-filled, traditional sterling, argentium, and fine silver does not contain any nickel. 

Handcrafted in Lewes, Delaware USA. 

Shipping: Each item is shipped USPS Priority with insurance and signature confirmation or tracking. Since each piece is custom and one-of-a-kind backorders are not available. 

Questions: If you have any questions please contact Michele Buckler at Sand N Stones, Check back, Michele adds new wire framed jewelry frequently also follow Sand N Stones on FacebookInstagram, and Google + for our jewel of the day.